Linear Accelerator Model

Linear Accelerator Glued Model

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Since 2014, Bright Bricks have been producing models of hospital equipment to help explain procedures to patients and make the machines seem more approachable.

The Linear Accelerator brick model includes a movable bed in the treatment room, opening and closing doors, a control room and 2 minifigures to demonstrate how the equipment works.  The model also has a removable wall so that you can easily demonstrate what will happen in the treatment room

Our best-selling hospital scanner models have been helping patients of all ages to overcome any concerns and also help answer questions about how the machines work in a simple and fun way. 

Each of our linac models are built by one of our expert brick builders. If you would like us to make your Linear Accelerator in any other colours, please do get in touch with us, we'd be happy to help.  

(This is a glued product rather than a build it yourself kit)

Also available are our CT Scanners and MRI Scanner models.

The model measures W26 x D19 x H9cms