Build-It-Yourself Brick Mosaic

Build-It-Yourself Brick Mosaic

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Please upload the photo you would like to be turned into a mosaic. In some cases, we may ask for an alternative photo to create the perfect mosaic for you.

Combine two of your favourite things and get a brick portrait made of your family, friends, pets or...just about anything you can think of! 

They make perfect gifts to mark a special occasion or just as a distinctive decoration for your home. Not only is it a unique gift, you can also build it together, creating a lasting memory for everyone involved. They're a great alternative to jigsaws and puzzles too!

After you upload a photo, we'll turn that into a brick mosaic design for your approval. Once you approve it, we'll send you all the bricks you need to put the mosaic together and include all baseplates required to build it on.

All mosaics are created in the full range of brick colours available and exclusively use 1x1 bricks.

Please note that you will need to mount these brick mosaics in order to hang them (mosaics over 48x48 studs will have multiple bases to assemble).


* Sometimes we require alternative images to ensure that we are able to create a great product for you. We will request this via email.

Notes - please read before ordering

Please note that metric sizes are approximate, based on the closest brick increment.

We recommend bigger sizes for including more than one subject in the mosaic - 48x48 stud is ideal for one person or animal but would lack detail for any bigger photos. For example, the cat and dog mosaics pictured are the level of detail at 48x48 studs.

Bright Bricks are unable to produce mosaics featuring any intellectual property without the IP holder's permission. For example, we are unable to produce film characters or logos without permission.

A 48x48 stud mosaic would take one person approximately 6-8 hours to build depending on their experience with brick building.

The price excludes postage and packaging.

If you need Bright Bricks to build the complete mosaic for you, please contact us.