Dragon Whelp Eggs

Dragon Whelp Eggs

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Built into the story of our LEGO show, Kingdom, the Eggs are a perfect gift for LEGO fans or as a unique item for collectors. They are available in six colours, each with individual parts and features:

Eiko - The Nature Dragon (Green)

Haski - The Earth Dragon (Black)

Logi - The Fire Dragon (Red)

Tor - The Storm Dragon (Blue)

Miski - The Magic Dragon (Purple)

Iras - The Light Dragon (Pink)

The Dragon Whelp Eggs each contain a unique collection of parts to fit their element and persona. Collect all six and receive a special edition Dragon Hatchling model exclusive to Egg collectors!

Each of the eggs comes with a booklet containing its backstory and persona, making these charming models a real collector's item.

There is limited availability on this item. 

Model Details

Dragon Whelp Eggs are sold as glued models, intended for display or as part of a diorama. This is a collectable Bright Bricks LEGO model and is not a set.

Each model weighs 0.5kg and contains approximately 350 LEGO parts. It is 19cm high, 13cm wide and 13cm deep.

The price is exclusive of Postage and Packaging.

The Story

The gigantic, legendary dragon Mithrog was infamous throughout the lands; acres of scorched crops and entire villages set ablaze were testament to his indiscriminate wrath for humanity. All men and women, peasants of kings, of both the Barony and the Brick Kingdom alike, lived in fear that Mithrog’s next target might be their home.

When rumour whipped through the lands that Mithrog was nursing six eggs, many felt it was finally time to strike back. One dragon had laid waste to their homes, but seven dragons with Mithrog’s fury would reduce the world to ash and char. Hunting parties, rangers, and warlocks all set out to destroy the unhatched eggs, before the whelps could bring ruin to the lands.

Valleron, the great Wizard of the Brick Kingdom, knew that destroying the eggs would only incur Mithrog’s full, undiluted anger, and intervened. He made a bargain with Mithrog, and scattered the eggs to the far corners of the two realms, where they would be safely nestled in their respective elements: earth, fire, water, leaf, storm and light.

Now, the whelps are hatching, and soon they will take their first steps into the world. Yet even as Valleron and Mithrog’s bargain stands, hunters and warlocks still seek to destroy the eggs, or to harness their power for selfish gains.

Only together will the six dragon whelps survive, but if they are united, neither the Brick Kingdom nor the Barony will ever be the same again.