Welsh Dragon - Y Ddraig Goch

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Long before the faithful old hound Beddgelert was slain in a case of mistaken identity, Beddgelert (the place) was a stomping ground for Vortigern – a Celtic King, who was looking for a spot to build a castle.  Though Vortigern quite liked the look of Dinas Emrys, he encountered mystical goings on when he tried to build his fortress.  He was advised to sacrifice a young boy (who turned out to be Merlin), who then warned him that his chosen site for a castle was above an underground lake where two dragons lay sleeping. 

Vortigen’s men dug down and sure enough, found two dragons (one red, one white) who started to fight fiercely.  The red dragon triumphed and was said to represent Vortigen’s people and (according to Geoffrey of Monmouth) – was a prophecy of the coming of King Arthur, whose father’s name ‘Uther Pendragon’ translates as ‘Dragon’s Head.’ 

LEGO ® Glued Brick model of the Welsh Dragon with articulated feet and wings.

Length 17cm x Width 5cm x Height 11cm